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The urban navigation race that invites you to explore culture and history throughout Asian cities. Run by yourself or in teams; you find your own route and treasures.

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Wander through the forest and run into the city. This is the spirit of METVIGATOR: you find your own way through the wild. Ultra-long distance orienteering navigation race with 30km/15km/8km/4km categories.

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Hong Kong

The Pearl of the Orient offers many opportunities for outdoor activities. It's also one of the best developed places in Asia for orienteering and trail running.

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The archipelago nation is a paradise with much cultural and natural heritage. Discover Indonesia with orienteering, running and trekking.

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At the heart of Southeast Asia, the multicultural nation of Malaysia is home to many people of Malay, Chinese and Indian descent. Rainforests and beaches are perfect for your Asian adventure.

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The Global City of Southeast Asia has all the hustle and bustle you need to enjoy your urban getaway. Join orienteering in Singapore to boost your energy!

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Thailand's culture and nature is a major draw for tourists worldwide. Now you can join our orienteering and running events to make your Thailand holiday more enjoyable.

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Europe & Carribean


The home of orienteering, Metviworld brings the best of Swedish cities and forests to you, with METVIGATOR Stockholm and more.

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The Bahamas

Coming soon: The Caribbean archipelago nation offers many opportunities to explore nature. Stay tuned for orienteering in the Bahamas.

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Coming soon: The French Caribbean territory of Guadeloupe attracts many people for a warm, sunny holiday, which will soon be more exciting with orienteering.

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Saint Martin

The island in the Caribbean is shared between France and the Netherlands. Renowned for its beaches and hills, Metviworld will deliver the best of both with orienteering.

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Stay tuned to Metviworld!

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Metvigo event platform for orienteering and running sports

More coming soon


The Bahamas: coming soon

Bahamas (coming soon)

Guadeloupe (coming soon)

Saint Martin coming soon

Saint Martin (coming soon)

Metvigo event platform for orienteering and running sports

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